Sunset at the Riverside

Sunset at the Riverside Photo by Molly Briana McMullen (April 13, 2015)

As the icy winter days came to an end in exchange for fair spring weather, I decided to take a walk down near the river to enjoy the warmer temperature. Listening to small sounds of water floating next to me, I wish for the lush foliage of summer to return in full bloom after a winter of barren branches. There is nothing prettier than when the treetops burst with green leaves like fireworks that had lain dormant all winter long and could no longer be contained. The medley of concrete and earth blends together to create a symphony of hidden beauty, not unlike Wilkes-Barre itself. The remnants that the anthracite coal industry left behind are still evident, and though it seems this little city is clinging onto anything to not fall, we forget to see the good that has continued. In the aftermath of deindustrialization, we forget about the bright oranges that light up the mountains in autumn in a smoldering hue only matched by the embers of the anthracite that once brought life here, or the hums of a Friday evening during fall and spring semesters when students from the different colleges buzz around like honeybees after a week of hard work.

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