There’s Something Good around the Corner

There’s Something Good around the Corner Photo by Samantha Bucher (April 1, 2016)

The light switches. The green walk sign appears, and I scurry across the street. I pull the straps tighter on my backpack and look around. The city unfolds itself before me like a map. There are creases along some areas from being folded up so many times. Tiny holes pierce the corners, as if it was once hung up by thumbtacks and displayed. Some of the places aren’t even here anymore. They have faded so much on the map that I can’t even make out their names anymore. Some of the places have changed; new names are now in the same places. But others, others have stood their ground. They are dinosaurs holding their own as meteors shower down around them. This is Wilkes-Barre, a city that has been through a lot over the years. Now, I look at the map spread out before me and I wonder what else is left to explore. I walk and find out for myself.

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