A Bridge to the Past Photo by Owen Vaughn (April 6, 2016)By Owen Vaughn
The 1,400 foot long Market Street Bridge is one of the longest and most elaborately decorated bridges in Pennsylvania. It is a daily sight for most people who live in the area, and carries more significance than one would expect at first glance. The bridge serves as a subtle memorial, a bridge to the past commemorating American heroes who risked everything for the good of their country [more…]

Circle or Square? Photo by Shaniese Ricketts (April 6, 2016)By Shaniese Ricketts
The quietness in the air gives birth to new life for the city. The whispers of renovated businesses and new apartments give hope to the Diamond City. There is a gradual rethinking of Wilkes-Barre. The raining down of loss and destruction is replaced by the sunshine of life and promise. The city may not shine in the day, but it sparkles at night [more…]

Beyond the Doors Photo by Jessica Mulligan (April 13, 2016)By Jessica Mulligan
An American flag sits atop the building, a symbol national pride. Below, the building has seen immense evolution and magic, but some secrets are left untold. This is small-town America, and this little theatre is what this country and this city are all about. The F. M. Kirby Center has stood for over a century and a half, through trials, tribulations, and devastation [more…]

The River Commons Photo by Nathaniel Eric Seals (April 1, 2016)By Nathaniel Eric Seals
On a warm summer evening looking out on the river commons, both sides of the bank are lined with families who know the splendor of the catch. The Susquehanna River has a rich and diverse population of fish. The fish worth catching come out at night and in this river lay monsters. These channels and flatheads will snap your line clean off if you’re not savvy with a rod and reel [more…]

What a Mug!, Failed Coffee Shop Startup Photo by Anastasia Humphrey (April 10, 2016)By Anastasia Humphrey
[…] Over the years of commuting to King’s College every day, I’ve noticed that Wilkes-Barre is an interesting place. It’s full of interesting people, and interesting things, such as this giant, old-looking, and run-down mug that is apparently for sale from an unknown seller and for an unnamed price [more…]

Sunset View from Boscov's Photo by Emily Letoski (February 26, 2016)By Emily Letoski
Solomon Boscov probably didn’t imagine that his family business would last over a hundred years, but it has. Today, Boscov’s is one of the last family-owned department store chains in the United States. There are now forty-four Boscov’s department stores—twenty-four of which are in Pennsylvania, including the one located on Main Street in Wilkes-Barre [more…]

There’s Something Good around the Corner Photo by Samantha Bucher (April 1, 2016) By Samantha Bucher
Every time I felt alone and depressed, I’d take a walk. The city became my friend. I had no one to turn to, so I turned to music and the places around me. I’d plug my headphones in and explore the city. Some days I would find myself sitting in the back corner of Musical Energi, paging through records on the tall white shelves, searching for a Genesis or Billy Joel album I didn’t already have [more…]

Another Time Photo by Brandilyn Kultys (April 6, 2016)
By Brandi Kultys
Even the old and abandoned buildings in the city are beautiful. Regardless of the vines and plants growing out of churches and homes, they still retain an air of magnificence. The decrepit state of them gives off an ominous feeling, but also makes them seem mysterious and draws the looker to them. They seem abandoned and forgotten but it only makes one want to explore and see what their past held. What went on inside of them in the past? What remains from the past lay inside of them now? [more…]