Comics, Politics, and Quixotic Art

Comics, Politics, and Quixotic Art Photo by Sarah Gyle (April 10, 2016)
“Comics, Politics, and Quixotic Art,” Photo by Sarah Gyle (April 10, 2016)

This place has been remodeled now. They’ve (whoever they are) changed everything from the paint to the exterior paneling. This, originally, is where I had my first exposure to comic books. My friends and I used to sneak there from my grandmother’s house on Bowman Street just to look at paintball equipment and new comics. The building used to be painted a sky blue color with a big paintball splatter on the side (where the paneling is now) that proclaimed “POW!” The rumor is that the shopowner’s wife had an affair with my grandpa’s friend (they’re married now) and lost the shop in the divorce (I secretly harbor a grudge against her for this). In 2008 it housed Obama campaigners, who then, after the presidential race, sold it to someone who thought it would be a good place for an art store. “Quixotic Art.” I still don’t know what “quixotic” even means. The shop didn’t last, but the building shows new promise in being “FOR RENT.”

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