Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem Photo by Jessica Mulligan (April 13, 2016)
Hidden Gem Photo by Jessica Mulligan (April 13, 2016)

On the square lie many mysteries, old shops, dirty sidewalks, decaying streetlights, and fading colors. Slowly, however, this is changing. Evolution is kind to the center of town as it becomes brighter, cleaner, happier.

Through time, one piece remains the same. The F. M. Kirby Center stands proud. Its old façade stands out between Curry’s Donuts and a towering office-like building. The Kirby Center is done changing, morphing, and renovating its inside for now.

On the outside it remains constant, yet hidden in the hustle and bustle of the town. Cars zoom past, trees shade vision, buildings are erected and destroyed all around. And yet it has always been there, waiting to be noticed.

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