Hidden Gem Photo by Jessica Mulligan (April 13, 2016)Hidden Gem Photo by Jessica Mulligan (April 13, 2016)

On the square lie many mysteries, old shops, dirty sidewalks, decaying streetlights, and fading colors. Slowly, however, this is changing. Evolution is kind to the center of town as it becomes brighter, cleaner, happier. Through time, one piece remains the same [more…]

Fowler, Downs & Moyer, and A. E Downs. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 1889. [Boston, 1889] Map. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, May 2016.
“Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 1889,” Map by Fowler, Downs & Moyer, and A. E Downs (Retrieved from the Library of Congress)

“Wilkes-Barre in Thirty Images” is an exhibit of writing and photography presented by students in the Professional Writing Program at King’s College. The exhibit will be held on the fourth floor of Hafey-Marian on the King’s College campus from May to December 2016. During the spring semester 2016, students in Dr. Noreen O’Connor’s Literary Journalism course read and examined photo essays and photo curation in texts including [more …]